• (Rumor) Possible Season 6 Episode List? 4Chan is at it Again

    (Completely unrelated but I'd totally watch it)

    As many of you learned earlier on, we had all 26 episodes of the season 5 titles way back in April. Someone over in the wild west of 4chan's /mlp/ board dropped the entire list off, with only a few slight changes from their final release forms.  He returned again a few months later, giving out a couple of synopsis. We could never confirm who was doing it, but in the end, everything ended up turning out true.

    Quite a few random episode lists for season 6 have come in since then, and unlike before, the card game isn't far enough along to reveal if any are true or not. This set in particular does feel like it would fit the general narrative of the show though.

    Is it real? Lets set that into the "probably not" category for now. What do you think though? Would this set of episode titles excite you for some season 6 action?

    Head on down below for it!

    (Update: It was debunked by Brian Lenard over on Twitter!)

    I think the ones we are most wary on is Houlder's Boulder. I have no idea what they could do with that, considering we already got the history of it in the recent episode.

    Thanks to Ryan, Brony250, Mike, and everyone else for sending it!