• Spotlight Music: Seeya! / Tenth Zone East / Them's Fightin' RAP

    Artattack has released his final sopng on his fan music channel, and brought in an awesome one to send it off with. Get that one in the first slot, and go let him know he did a great job of entertaining us over the years!

    Following that, friendship Games goes oldschool gaming, with another mashup from Delta Brony

    And finally, we end on a rap track dedicated to Them's Fightin' Herds. Get all three below!

    1.) Artattack and Metajoker - Seeya! (Vocal - Electronic)
    2.) Tenth Zone East (MLP EQG Friendship Games Remix) (Remix - Mashup)
    3.) Steven, A.D. - Them's Fightin' Herds RAP (Original Track by RC88) (Vocal - Rap)