• PastaCon - The First Minute

    I've been watching my friend Pika Petey work on this project over the years, picking away at it a little bit at time. After two years, he's ready to show off the first minute of his animation, all hand drawn with over 6,000 drawn frames!

    For those of you who have been at conventions before, you might just get a laugh out of this! Conventions can be incredibly fun, but can be awkward experiences as well at times.

    Check on after the break for the first minute of PastaCon! Even though it sounds like he is ready to move on to other projects, lets hope he finishes it one day!

    And according to Petey:

    "The entire unfinished film is about disgruntled congers summoning the Great Spaghetti Daemon from fedora hell by creating stupid drama and untagged lewd images."

    Pika Petey Patreon

    Twitter: Calpain