• Friendship Games Deleted Scene - and it's a song!

    The first Friendship Games deleted scene is here! It's an alternate version of "What More is Out There," which now heavily features Sunset Shimmer instead of just SciTwi. More baconhair singing? Yes please!

    From Sunset's lyrics it's clear she's feeling a little unsure about her place in Humanestria, and she seems to miss her magical unicorn adventures, a theme that seemed to be removed from the final version of Friendship Games.

    It's also interesting how this starts drawing a parallel between Sunset and Twilight much earlier in the movie, making the finale come together a little differently. It's always neat to see these behind the scenes looks, especially when they imply the evolution of a project into what we see on screen.

    Analysis aside, check out the deleted scene below the break!

    Thanks to Carwyn for sending it!