• The Rainboom Mk 2 - Giant Rainbow Dash Model Rocket

    A rocket builder going by the name of Astro Brony has a new one ready for liftoff soon going by the name of Rainboom MK 2. As you can see from the image above, this thing is pretty hefty. The rocket itself is expected to go full on supersonic, with a launch date of September 12th. That's a pretty awesome way to celebrate the second half of the season isn't it?

    Head on down below for a bunch of images, along with a short blurb by the creator.


    This is the Rainboom Mk 2. Like it’s predecessor, the Rainboom Mk 1, this class 2 high power rocket is designed to fly, like Rainbow Dash, at the speed of sound. However, this time, the rocket is designed to withstand significantly more stress and won’t fail when it goes super sonic, like the Rainboom Mk 1. The rocket itself is constructed from G12 airframe quality fiberglass. The amazing Rainbow Dash decal was made by my friend Amiki, who’s deviant art you can find here: http://amiki-doodles.deviantart.com. The rocket made it’s big debut at this years BronyCon, where it was certainly a popular attraction. The art is designed to look just like Rainbow Dash as she’s about to go supersonic and perform the legendary Sonic Rainboom, which is exactly what this rocket was built to do. The current launch date is September 12, to start off the second half of Season 5 with one heck of a bang, and my good friend Thornquill made a very nice promo video for the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3KgsaZRous.

    I’ll be posting both the footage of it’s flight from the ground, and also footage taken by it’s on-board camera. If all goes according to plan, you should get some pretty nice pictures of what the world looks like from 10,000 feet, and maybe even an actual Sonic Rainboom.