• Equestria Daily Mascots Revealed Tomorrow! Have Some Butt Symbols!

    Remember way back in... May, when we were talking about mascots? Yeah... our bad on that. It turns out summers here on EQD are ridiculously busy, on our side and the artists out there. Several delays hit us with conventions popping up, a massive trip to Galacon, wars in the EQD chat on what exactly we want to absorb from the final designs you all sent in, along with general delays and commission derps. After lots of shuffling around, we finally figured something out about a month ago, and got our finalized designs set from some of our buddy artists in the fandom. Mascots are go!

    In the end, we decided on a sister and a little brother. We have an awesome banner, along with some vectors of each ready to go. One final commission remains being finished tomorrow. EQD will finally have mascots!

    Again, I apologize for how long it took. We were pretty overwhelmed with all the awesome suggestions that came in, and while one thing sounded amazing one day, another idea would pop up the next that sounded even better. You all are way too creative for us to handle!

    Anyway, have some butt symbols, and after the episode tomorrow, we will have MASCOTS!

    Update: Woops, wrong mark. This is the real one.