• Tony Fleecs MLP ??? SPOC Sneak Peek

    I need to seriously commission Tony for one of these headers. Out of everyone who posts Single Panel Out of Context Sneak Peeks, Tony Fleecs easily ranks as number one for sneaking out tidbits of his work.

    Anyways,  we have a SPOC Sneak Peek for everyone below the break! Only this time, it's a comic panel that reflects something we've already seen in the show. Could it mean a flashback sequence? Time travel? Given that Andy Price has artist control of the Friendship is Magic comic series until the end of the December with Siege of the Crystal Empire, it's a pretty good bet that this is for a Friends Forever interior.

    Or it could very well be for a Retailer Exclusive Cover.

    I don't know. But what I do know is that it's there below the break for everyone who doesn't mind spoilers to behold. Go check it out!

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    A little hint for those having a hard time placing the moment: The Princess Twilight cometh. Behold. Behold.