• SeaBronies Cancels Lee Tockar, Andy Price Still On Board

    A bit of unfortunate news for those participating in Sea Bronies. While the East Coast event has been solid, the West Coast expedition has been rather shaky and as a result the convention staff have had to cancel the appearance of Lee Tockar.

    Don't panic as Sea Bronies has other plans up its sleeve and they have sent word that Andy Price is a lock for the East Coast cruise.

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    A bit of sad news for west coast Brony cruise aficionados: Due to low merch sales and extremely low West Coast enrollment (compared to the East Coast event, Expedition 1), us here at SeaBronies have had to make the regrettable decision to cancel the VIP appearance for the West Coast event ("Expedition Alpha"), the previously announced Lee Tockar.

    Now for the good news! Thanks to the far higher rate of enrollment for Expedition 1 (our East Coast event) and recent generous pledges to our Patreon, we are 100% committed to our previously announced VIP Guest for Expedition 1,Andy Price.

    So, if you want to cruise with the first and possibly most well-known MLP comics artist, and you can make it to sunny Miami for a tropical getaway this December, be sure to head on over to the Expedition 1 page and RSVP!

    For west coasters looking for a weekend getaway next weekend, there MAY still be opportunities (pending last-minute ticket availability through the cruise line). Check out our Expedition Alpha, page for more information.


    SeaBronies, established in February 2015, is a meetup group that holds all of its events on commercially available cruises rather than in conventional meetup venues. Not a “brony cruise provider”, but rather a facilitator of brony meetups and events ON cruises, SeaBronies aims to provide and curate fun experiences on cruises around the world for bronies, pegasisters and ponyfans. All venues are voted on by open vote among registered members, and all VIP appearances are funded by merchandise sales and Patreon supporters. Founding chairs of SeaBronies include the creators of BronyCon, BABSCon, and one of the two co-founders of Everfree Northwest.

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