• Another New Pen and Paper Pony RPG Appears - Roan

    Airships! Aviation! Adventure! War! With the swarms of people out there playing Ponyfinder, it seems almost natural to see more oldschool traditional RPG's in different settings appear for those looking for something other than high fantasy. A new one going by the name of ROAN has appeared with a 15k funding goal over on kickstarter. Some blurbs from the page:

    A pony inspired world set in a 1940s style era. Will you defend your country from the Ratvarian Empire, or race to be the first to rediscover lost cities and ancient secrets!

    Venture on as a band of intrepid explorers and soldiers, by hoof, by plane, and by airship to discover lost cities, ward away mysterious creatures, or fend off the Ratvarian Anarchists!
    Roan focuses on the ponies that reside in its world, and how they've grown to handle a world changed by magic and ever changing technology.

    If all of that sounds interesting to you, head on over here to help fund it!