• GalaCon's "Plushie Con" Panel Unleashed a TSUNAMI of Plushies, and It was Amazing

    I have to admit, we weren't even sure what this panel was going to be when one of the staffers here recommended we check it out. EQD usually sticks to show staff things for our convention coverage after all. Luckily we took the advice, gave it a shot, and ended up absolutely amazed. We saw a lot of people wandering the convention floor throughout the event, and never once believed their armada of ponies would be put on display.

    Images barely do this justice, but hopefully the panorama at the bottom helps. I'm really hoping some of our local USA conventions pick up on this idea, even if we might see a rise in heart attacks from the cuteness. I'll gladly drag my Trixie over to join the festivities.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for a gallery!

    The entire thing is one giant rainbow of pony, with hundreds of plushies in attendance.

    Pretty much all are welcome, from gigantic Flutterbats to tiny TY Beanie plush. The plushie maker scene over here in Europe is absolutely thriving, especially since some of the more show-accurate companies haven't made their way over yet.

    We debated for a while on our favorite, but I think that Rarity dressed as Radiance in the back was my top plush from the event. I really need to get a picture of it alone, if I can find it. The details are incredible.


    Surprising lack of moon! I bet we'd see a million of her over here.

    The OC's are less common than we thought they would be, with main ponies primarily dominating the plushie rainbow. There was a bit of Little Pip in there though, accompanied by some Sombra looking colt.

    And here is the promised panorama. It's really hard to describe how big it was in person, and this doesn't really help highlight it as well as visiting it in person does. I left the event jealous and wishing I brought my Trixie. Cereal Velocity took it to the next level, and came back the next day to buy a Rainbow Dash from one of the locals. Galacon's Plushie Panel is both amazing, and potentially dangerous to your wallet!

    (Update: The Radiance plushie was apparently from Agatrix! Thanks to the owner, Starfox for the heads up!)