• 5 Interesting Guest Stars We Want To See For MLP (Complete With Plot Summaries!)

    I'm still blown away that Cheese Sandwich was even a thing. Thank you, Amy.

    "Pinkie Pride" and the hype leading up to the episode was probably one of the most explosive episodes in recent memory, just because of the pure excitement that came with having "Weird" Al Yankovic in the episode. Not only that, but the hype was completely justified! "Pinkie Pride" was an absolute joy of an episode from beginning to end, cementing itself as one of the best episodes of Season 4. Another noteworthy guest star is John de Lancie, who continues to play himself as Discord, the Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos. I'm seeing a running theme here of characters that would be an excellent ship with Pinkie Pie.

    Now obviously we've been holding our breath for a few celebrities to hop aboard the pony train and be immortalized as a character within MLP. Celebrities such as Andrew W.K. or David Tennant come to mind. I'm not here to talk about them. Within a magical world where anything could happen and hypothetical episodes could be discussed, I come to you today with five interesting guest stars and plot lines that could give us unforgettable episodes (that will most likely never happen). Follow me after the break!

    1: The MythBusters. We're starting with the most plausible guest stars. Adam Savage and Jaime Hynemen are the hosts of the long-running show "The Mythbusters", where they crack or confirm myths that have withstood the test of time. Considering MLP is now on Discovery Family, it wouldn't be a long shot to have both men guest star in an episode. I see them working well in the background of a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode or an episode with Twilight Sparkle.

    Plot Summary: The annual Equestrian Invention Expo is around the corner, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to enter. The Mythbusters would play the judges of last year's contest, who would start the episode by showing off previous inventions that had won last year. The inventions are bombastic and amazing, and after the CMCs make their prototype invention, they find it boring but it does work. After a little accidental pressure from Twilight Sparkle to "make sure that it works", Applejack to "make it effective" and Rainbow Dash to "make sure it's awesome", the CMCs get the wrong idea that they have to make something that "looks" good rather than something that works well. They place a magical doohickey inside of the invention that makes it unstable, and it blows up in the CMC's faces when they try to show it off. The Mythbusters wonder what is wrong, and when Scootaloo brings out a copy of the prototype, the Mythbusters admit that it's an awesome invention that just needs more work. In the end, the CMCs learn that you can't get everything perfect on the first try.

    Possible guest star replacements: Neil Degrass Tyson, Bill Nye

    Most likely spoilers? Not sure, I haven't gotten this far.

    2. Zach Callison (AKA: Steven from Steven Universe). While still plausible, I wouldn't say that this would be a guest star that would make us hold our breath. Steven Universe is an interesting show, to say the least. While I wouldn't say a full crossover would be warranted, having Zach play within the pony world would not be much of a stretch, considering both shows have a slice of life narrative. I can see Zach playing a pony colt in a different city or country, with Spike as our main foil character.

    Plot Summary: Spike travels to the Crystal Empire, on vacation while Princess Twilight is off on royal duties. He makes friends with a crystal pony (played by Zach, let's call him Bright Spark) that has been following him, wanting him to sign his card collection. After Spike's ego is buttered up a little, Bright convinces Spike to join his group of crystal ponies who help around the city: The Crystal Heroes. Spike helps the team do favors for the city, but Bright asks for favors in return while Spike does it because he loves to help. A "Crystal Eater" (or any sort of monster) attacks Ponyville and imprisons Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. Spike asks for help, but Bright Spark wants a statue of himself in exchange for saving them and Shining Armor refuses. Spike goes off on Bright, telling him that not only did he use the group to try and get ahead, he doesn't know what a hero is. He tells Bright that a hero doesn't ask for things in exchange for doing his job. He simply does it. Bright has a change of heart, and he breaks the crystal prison surrounding Shining Armor and Cadance, letting them save the day. Bright admits that he wanted to save the Empire himself, but he knows when he should stop being a hero and start being a citizen.

    There are many ways to have Zach guest star in MLP, just like with the Mythbusters. He could be a hero alongside Spike that grows too fond of the dragon, a self-made hero in training that simply needs some help from the Mane 6 to thrive, or maybe even a hero from the Crystal Empire's land. My next choice would be similar to that last idea.

    Possible guest star replacements: Any of the Steven Universe Gem characters or Gravity Falls characters.

    3. Peter Dinklage (AKA: Tyrion from Game of Thrones). And now we head into the territory of implausible guest stars, but we might as well have fun while we are here! There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon. Even one of their most popular phrases was put in the show! Again, I don't think a crossover would be the best idea for this guest star, but I think I have a good plot idea for Peter's character. Fans of Daring Don't will like this idea.

    Plot Summary: Peter Dinklage would play a traveling hero commissioned by a country from the Far North to keep his country's balance in check. He meets up with the Main 6 accidentally in one of the other countries, much like Lost Treasures of Griffinstone or Daring Don't. Considering I haven't watched much of Game of Thrones, I can't make a completely on point comparison as to what the traveling hero should be saving Equestria from, but the Windigoes would be an interesting monster to bring back. Perhaps the Main 6 meet the hero up above the Frozen North, and we get some lore about what lies above it? My main idea would be that much like Tyrion in Game of Thrones (as far as I know), the main 6 would help Tyrion, and then he would be on his merry way at the end of the episode. Just like Daring Do in Daring Don't, having multiple heroes throughout Equestria other than just the Main 6 and the Princesses would be an interesting way to shift the lore. Perhaps the countries above the Frozen North have their own Elements of Harmony?

    Possible guest star replacements: Emilia Clarke (Danerys Targerian), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark)

    I'd consider this video NSFW as well as any of this other material if you wish to Youtube or Google it. You've been warned.

    4. Bo Burnham. Probably one of the least likely guest stars alongside the number five slot is Bo Burnham, a Youtube star turned stand-up comedian that has garnered attention around the world for "challenging the form", creating one man shows out of his comedy. While he had a show on MTV that was cancelled almost immediately, his stand-up has garnered critical acclaim. Sure, this is simply a dream shared by many, but I thought of an interesting idea with Pinkie Pie when I sat down to write this editorial.

    Plot Summary: Since I'm bad with names, let's take the name from the video as an example. Bo would play Word Play, a comedian or clown pony who comes to Ponyville during his national comedy tour. Pinkie attends and is shocked that Word Play's comedy is more themed on laughing at himself. She thinks that his comedy is hurtful, either to those who try to mimic it, or even to himself. I can see the two of them formulating a song about what they joke about. Word Play would basically have the ability to lampshade a lot of funny MLP lore facts that we all take for granted, while Pinkie would pledge that her comedy hurts no feelings... until one of her jokes hurts someone's feelings. She blames Word Play for the misunderstanding, and Word Play is insulted. He bans her from his show, until Pinkie comes back in the middle of one of Word Play's songs, joking about herself (tastefully) and apologizing. She admits that comedy can be done many different ways, and that it doesn't hurt to laugh at yourself once in a while.

    This episode idea as is would be an extremely hard sell. It's probably not even possible to make in its current state. But when we can have funny and tasteful jokes about Applejack crying on the inside, Fluttershy being scared of a shadow, and a Twilight impression by Rainbow Dash, I'm sure the writers would be able to write such an episode in this completely hypothetical world where all my dreams and guest stars come true.

    Possible guest star replacements: Louis C. K., Jim Gaffigan, and Bill Burr.

    Anyway... speaking of a dream. The final choice is...

    5: Stephen Colbert. It's obvious that this is never going to happen. Stephen had just finished his show "The Colbert Report" and is transitioning into "The Late Show", replacing David Letterman. He's a man who started a cultural phenomenon with his character, "Stephen Colbert", and will no doubt go down in history as one of the best satirists of this generation. What does he have to do with an episode, you ask? I see him as an excellent "villain" for a one off episode between the pony equivalent "Loud Mouth" and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

    Plot Summary: Princess Twilight Sparkle travels to Applewood, a city akin to Manehatten in that it's the town of stars and those who have already made a name for themselves. Twilight was sent by Princess Celestia to meet with the mayor of Applewood: Loud Mouth, an actor pony who is critical of Princess Celestia because of Equestria's numerous attacks (or another child friendly reason), but remains in the city's good graces because he is only poking fun, not insulting Celestia outright. Twilight would grow defensive over someone disagreeing with her mentor and challenges Loud Mouth to a debate, who agrees, thinking that it's all in good fun. Twilight takes the debate too far, and accidentally angers the town by insulting Loud Mouth once he debates Twilight into a corner. After she leaves the debate to collect her thoughts, Loud Mouth meets her to tell her that the debate and his character was all in good fun, and that he has nothing against Princess Celestia as a person. Twilight apologizes, admitting that she shouldn't think someone is bad just because they disagree with who she idolizes.

    Admittedly this is the least plausible plot line and guest star that could happen, which is why it's at the bottom. Loud Mouth would most likely need a large amount of fourth wall breaks to seem like he's poking fun to the children, as opposed to being mean like Twilight. I find this plot line interesting out of the simple fact that Twilight has always been defensive of Princess Celestia, abiding her orders almost unequivocally. Having someone challenge those views would be an interesting character study, but it would also unfortunately just be fodder for a fanfic. Get on it, writers!

    Disclaimer: I do not intend for any of these suggestions to actually happen. I'm well aware that MLP is a children's show and some of the people and plots listed above could never happen due to the content of the episode or the content that surrounds the celebrity. However I think this would be an interesting discussion topic. Who do you think would be an amazing guest star for MLP? What would their episode entail? Do you have a better idea for the guest stars that I listed? Leave it in the comments! Thank you for reading and I'll see you next week for a collaborative piece with our very own follow up king: Aquaman.