• Pony CCG Equestrian Odysseys - New Details and street date!

    The My Little Pony Collectible Card Game's fifth set has been officially announced: Equestrian Odysseys! EO is themed around the awesome adventures around Equestria that the Mane Six have gone on, especially the Cutie Map trips in Season 5.

    Some of the highlights from EO include:
    • Seven new gameplay keywords, like Diligent and Eccentric
    • Introduction of Dual-color cards and Single-color Problems
    • Ten Mane Character cards, including the first for Octavia
    • Sleek new card templates
    • Two new card rarities, Super Rare and Royal Rare

    Super Rares are foil cards that are more common than Ultra Rares, and Royal Rares are really awesome full-art versions of Ultra Rares from EO (which means they don't have exclusive gameplay, so you don't need Royal Rares to compete). Thanks to these new cards, you'll now find a foil card inside one out of every three packs, a step up from previous sets.

    Equestrian Odysseys will get previewed at Gen Con this year, and has a street date of August 28! More details to come soon, including info on prerelease events.