• Music of the Day #520

    Flitter presents: Music of the Day. Turns out shes quite prolific in Ponyville's musician community. That and EQDbot returns with glorious playlist in posts now.

    Get your usual set below!

    [1] Source

    Screams From Equestria - Octavia's Prelude - MandoPony Metal Cover by Screams From Equestria Official

    [2] Source

    Aurelleah - Fusion [Orchestral Dubstep] by Aurelleah

    [3] Source

    Laura Greaves - Let The Rainbow Remind You by A Little Bit for Charity
    Indie Folk

    [4] Source

    (MUSIC) Slice of Life by Zephysonas

    [5] Source

    Daniel Ingram - Find the Music in You (Brilliant Venture Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Brilliant Venture

    [6] Source

    Totalspark - Lost in Equestria (Totalspark and Gryphon Remix) by OfficialTotalspark
    Progressive House / Electro

    [7] Source

    I'll Fly (ZAER Remix) by ZAERmusic