• Nightly Roundup #1212

    We know that science and potatoes go well together. Just ask GLaDOS!

    News time my friends, get it all after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Pony Tales [MLP Fanfic Readings] ‘Tough Little Pony’

    An audio adaptation of Tough Little Pony has been released comprised of 11 VAs and 2 artists which has taken a year to produce. Check out the fruits of their labor above!

    Scootertrix the Abridged: Episode 9

    Got another episode of Scootertrix for you guys! Get the laughs above.

    Going Beyond Bronies at the My Little Pony Fair

    An article for the MLP Fair has popped up in the Chicago Reader, taking about the convention and the events held there. Check it at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Cartoon Network Goes Full Pony

    CN's Facebook has put up a post about ponies. Ponies everywhere!


    EqD Fanart

    Just a small piece of fanart or EqD! Thanks Callie!

    Street Art Pony Stencils

    Check out these pony stencil pieces guys! Not too bad!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. This week we are doing a tv party, so we
    have some cartoons for this showing. It's themed around show's that got cartoon
    spin-offs for no reason at all:

    Punky Brewster the animated series: she got an animated series for some reason.

    Back to the Future the animated series: We still don't have hoverboards and self tying laces.

    Alf the animated series: now we can know what happened before he came to earth.

    Happy Days the animated series: Fonz becomes the Doctor.

    The Partridge family 2200 A.D.: Someone thought they should be the jetsons. 

    Gilligans Planet: Because being stranded on an island wasn't good enough.

    Dukes of Hazard the animated series: Of all the things to get a cartoon.

    Lilo and Stitch the anime: Stitch got an anime. An anime that caters only to the japanese and is in every way shape and form a fan fiction. It was also dubbed by Disney and they didn't even get the same voice actors.

    Brady Kids: Because everyone wanted a Brady Bunch cartoon with racially insensitive pandas.

    And for the chaser Blazing Dragons: A cartoon made by a member of Monty Python.

    Host's for film night are:
    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat


    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    FINAL CASTING CALL: Silent Ponyville

    I'm resurrecting a project from a couple of years ago, which is a Silent Ponyville audio drama. I'm doing a casting call for the three characters that needed to be recast.

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    How Far We've Come - Last Exit to Ponyville

    This week the gang discusses My Little Pony’s 100th episode! We look back on where the show has been and where it might be going in the future, and we squeal at the adorableness that is Derpy Hooves plus we examine other shows that have lasted a hundred episodes and examine why they last so long when others did not and whether my little pony has the same staying power, and Mike gives us a heads up on the My Little Pony panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

    Get more information here!

    Bronies React: Princess Spike

    The MBS Show Reviews: Friendship is Magic Comic Book Issue 29

    Hey there bronies and pegasisters.

    Join Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill as they review the 29th issue My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic. It's gonna be one slobberknocker of a review!!!

    Princess Spike Review - HELP ME!

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    Today In Pony History

    July 3, 2011-2014

    2011 - Pony desktop icons.

    2012 - BronyCon 2012 retrospective.

    2013 - New Japanese MLP intro.

    2014 - Derpy eats a muffin.

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