• Music of the Day #521

    Minnesotan grenader poni presents: Music of the Day. EXPLODE, or don't explode. Do whatever you want.

    Get it down below.

    [1] Source

    The Trek to Yakyakistan by Gear Grinder

    [2] Source

    CrystalData - In My Endless World by CrystalData

    [3] Source

    Andrew Huang: PFUDOR ~ReMix~ by JD Harding Music

    [4] Source

    Misbegun - Original Song by Alexander Engström by Alexander Engström
    Progressive Rock

    [5] Source

    Aviators - Constellations (Flying Melody Remix #2) by FlyingMelodys

    [6] Source

    Sonic Rainboom - Vision Potion (Another Sip) by originalph00tbag

    [7] Source

    Falling Feathers - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony
    Ambient Piano

    [8] Source

    Progressive Element - Run Apple Jack, Run! (Equine Morality) by Progressive Element