• Baloon Party - Equine Morality: The Clean Sweep Releases

    Balloon Party is right around the corner, but the team has decided to release a mini compilation to whet everyone's appetite for it! The Clean Sweep is pretty much fully dedicated to Applejack throughout. Expect a lot of that!  "Mini" is a bit of a lie though. It's a whopping 21 songs.

    Now go get it below!

    Head on down below the break for details and how to get it!

    Balloon Party's newest mini-album released last-night, acting as a pre-party for the upcoming major album (details to be announced soon, watch this space!).

    Equine Morality: The Clean Sweep is an Applejack themed album that focuses on strong, powerful music, and showcases 21 all-new tracks from a few new faces as well as a few returning artists from the last albums.

    This album, Balloon Party 3.5, is by all means a major Balloon Party album, despite the numbering scheme. Applejack seems like an unusual choice for a pony to have a Balloon Party themed after, considering the heavily-electronic nature of Balloon Party, but we believe that this album has found a strong middle-ground between the best hard-hitting electronic dance music that the pony music scene has to offer and the heartfelt, country-born spirit that is a burning passion inside of Applejack...and we hope you do, too!

    The album is currently priced at a minimum donation of $1, but may be intermittently put on temporarily free downloads alongside the build-up to Balloon Party 4.

    Buy the album here: https://balloonparty.bandcamp.com/album/the-clean-sweep
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