• MLP: Friends Forever #18 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion!

    I wonder if Gilda will show up for this reunion. She was there after all.

    Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is ready for a great New Comic Day—the only holiday to happen 52 times a year! And today's issue is about one of those time honored traditions that I'm sure only half of those eligible attend.

    The High School Reunion! And today we get to see Rainbow's and Flutterhsy's class reunion. Hopefully this will shed some decent light on what the rest of that particular class has been up to. You know, outside of Rainbow's and Fluttershy's three bullies.

    It's been… excuse me. I need to go spend the next hour huddled in a corner wondering where all those years between my High School graduation and now disappeared to.

    You can find the usual below, but I know for a fact that none of those will have the answers I'm looking for.

    Digital Download

    Variant Covers
    Regular Cover by Amy Mebberson
    Subscription Cover by Jay Fosgitt
    Grand Brony Gala Exclusive by Agnes Garbowska
    Jetpack Comics Convention Exclusive by Tony Fleecs (Expect Full Announcement Later)

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