• Adventures in Friendship Volume 4 Available for Amazon Pre-Order

    Writing this with the iPad blogger app. How's that going? Let's just say it leaves much to be desired.

    Anywho, Volume 4 of The MLP Adevntures in Frindship Hard Cover reprint series is up for pre-order on Amazon! This time the featured pairing is, for those of you who missed the cover above, Discord and Princess Luna.

    Just look at that cover by Sara Richard! It's beautiful! (And the first time she's painted Discord for a MLP Cover. He really suits her style).

    Amazon Product Description:

    This volume of Adventures in Friendship collects three stories featuring Princess Luna and Discord. First, Discord helps the Cutie Mark Crusaders on their quest for cutie marks, then Princess Luna looks to Pinkie Pie to help find her funny bone, and finally, Luna tries to help Discord get some sleep!

    If ordered from Amazon, you can expect this volume to arrive on November 19, 2015.

    Special Thanks to Ramivic for the heads up!