• Discussion: Has Twilacorn Grown On You?

    Twilight Sparkle sprouted wings and became a princess a little over two years ago, and many things in the show have evolved to be a bit different than what we originally had. Each season brings on a big over-arching theme that drives the story, with a few slice of life style episodes littered throughout.

    You've had a lot of time with Twilight's new form now, and I think it would be a good time to discuss "New" Twilight!

    Obviously that old quirky pony is still tucked away within that new royal persona, and if anything the added stress brings out her OCD funny bits more often, especially in season 5. But there is a small change. That adorkable booknerd we all loved early on has big, important duties now, and this does sometimes detract from the potentially cute season 1 style Twilight moments. Her over-excited reactions to every day social situations were some of her best moments.

    So what do you all think? Has Twilacorn surpassed unicorn Twilight? Are they around the same and this is all nonsense?

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