• Absolute Discord Theme Decks Appear on Toy R' Us Website - Double the Fun and Unlikely Duo

    For all of you out there still pluggin away at the card game, the new Absolute Discord theme decks have arrived on the Toys R' Us website.  We previously posted details on both over here, but a quick recap:

    These decks feature some great new cards you can't get anywhere else, like the very first Mane Characters of Discord and Nightmare Moon, as well as the first changeling Friend! What else? You'll have to stay tuned for more card spoilers as we get closer and closer to release!

    • Double the Fun Theme Deck - Discord and Princess Luna Mane Character cards
    • Unlikely Duo Theme Deck - Fluttershy and Nightmare Moon Mane Character cards

    Head on over here if you want them!

    Thanks to jskr for the heads up.