• Absolute Discord Theme Deck info - Fluttershy, Discord, Luna, and Nightmare Moon Manes

    Looks like the Absolute Discord Theme Decks are coming April 24, the same date as the prerelease weekend!

    It's always been the Mane Six and other ponies like DJ Pon-3 and Maud before... But, have you ever wanted to play as one of the villains in MLP: CCG? Absolute Discord's giving you the chance! Here's a quote from Facebook post:
    These decks feature some great new cards you can't get anywhere else, like the very first Mane Characters of Discord and Nightmare Moon, as well as the first changeling Friend! What else? You'll have to stay tuned for more card spoilers as we get closer and closer to release!
    • Double the Fun Theme Deck - Discord and Princess Luna Mane Character cards
    • Unlikely Duo Theme Deck - Fluttershy and Nightmare Moon Mane Character cards
    And here's an exclusive look at the changeling Friend mentioned on Facebook: