• Stay Brony My Friends #105 with DJTetsuoTheRobot

    Can't have pony without charity! Dustykatt returns with DJTetsuo in tow for a bit of Childs Play love this time around. If that sounds like something you'd want to tune into, head on down below to check it out!

    Stay Brony My Friends is back, bringing you the best guests and interviews. This time we got the fabulous (And pretty) DjTetsuo The Robot to join us to talk sick beats, exercise and Smash Brothers.

    We also dabbled in hoof wrestling, his new DJ set up and where he will be playing later this year.

    Our charity drives are rolling strong, for Lee Tockar's Foundation for Fighting Blindness charity we hit 891 dollars and gave away autographed swag like a rainbow Dash backpack signed by Ashleigh Ball and

    The Princess Celestia book written by G.M. Berrow and signed by Nicole Oliver.

    This time we are supporting "Childs Play"

    When you're a child, being in a hospital is a mixture of fear and mind-numbing boredom. All there is to do is to dwell on the sickness or injury that brought you to the hospital, and little to distract from the pain and from the exposure to people who are in as much medical trouble as you. This is not what life should be like as a child, and this is what Child's Play is here to deal with.

    Child's Play donates toys, video games and consoles, books and videos to hospital pediatric wards to help the unfortunate children have something to do, to have something in their day to look forward to. Who has time for brooding over what "cancer" means when there are bad guy's butts awaiting kicking!

    Be a butt-kicking supplier. Ease the pain. Confront the fear. FINISH HIM.

    Go to our link https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/manliestbrony/childsplay and donate as little as 5 bucks to be eligible for the giveaway for awesome swag! Like Twilight Sparkles Secret Shipfic cards, the collectable Rarity card from Everfree Northwest, a Princess Celestia Theme deck for the CCG game, a 2012 Foil Applejack card, Ponyville University expansion pack of the TSSSF game, IDW issue #29 comic with Applejack Wrestling cover, and if we break 500 dollars I'm chipping in IDW comic #30 with the Everfree Northwest LeekFish cover SIGNED by Kelly Sheridan and was HER OWN PERSONAL COMIC given to her in the goodie bag she received from EFNW.

    So join us every other Monday night on Canterlot Hill for awesome interviews and Great charities and giveaways. Next show we will have PEN STROKE, Author of the wonderful story "Past Sins" as well as many more stories. We'll talk al about writing and how to make your stories more enjoyable for your readers.

    And once again thank you for your support

    Dustykatt & Screwball