• Writer's Training Grounds Submissions: "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone"

    I wonder if we'll ever see Griffonstone again, and if Gilda's efforts will have improved it at all.

    Once again, we have a handful of stories from the authors to share with you all.  Get some Griffonstone goodness below the break.

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1300 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Okay, so this is Griffonstone. Yeah, I know what it looks like. Shut up. You dweebs couldn't do any better. Anyway, I'm the griffon who's gonna make it like the big deal it used to be.

    Heart of Glass

    Characters: Gilda

    [Normal] - 3048 words

    Author: Elden Andel

    Gilda, along side her new friend Greta, try to bring friendship to Griffonstone through... home repair? That's right home repair.

    Make This Town A Home

    Characters: Gilda, Greta

    [Normal] - 3647 words

    Author: Levarien

    All griffon cubs learn of the history of their kind while still fledglings: Tales of ancient kingdoms ruled by noble kings. One tale, however, has passed beyond mere history and has entered the realm of myth. A tale of the redemption of the Griffon race, and their recommitment to unity and friendship.

    The Ballad of Gilda

    Characters: Gilda, Gretta, Pinkie Pie


    [Comedy] - 2235 words

    Author: Mr. Long Winded

    While Pinkie is away at Griffonstone, Gummy searches the meaning of life.

    The Existential Crisis of a Small, Green Alligator

    Characters: Gummy

    [Comedy] - 2786 words

    Author: Palladium

    Fluttershy, Discord, Tree Hugger, and The Smooze go out to dinner and have discussions about Discord's favorite ooze dishes, far out jackrabbits, and radical crest motions among other oozes of interest.

    Dinner for Four at the Smoozgasbord

    Characters: Discord, Fluttershy, Tree Hugger

    [Comedy][Adventure] - 5545 words

    Author: Bills8

    A Dragon names Spike who asked a Unicorn named Rarity about being his buddy and going with him into the movie theater which is in the castle. During sunset, Spike noticed that he's running late, and tries to make it. He was stopped by two Pegasus ponies that are an Alicorn's guards and that Alicorn's name is Princess Celestia. They wouldn't let him in the movie theater and told him to leave which he did. He asked Princess Celestia if she can help and she accept the offer to help him but only if he first helps her get the Magic Cup. Her and Spike go together to try to find the Magic Cup so that Spike can get pass the guards.

    The Magic Cup

    Characters: Spike, Princess Celestia

    [Random][Comedy] - 2865 words

    Author: CMC_Scootaloo

    Pinkie Pie gets called by the map into the Griffon Kingdom to spread friendship there and to restore the kingdom back to it's former glory, leaving Gummy behind in Sugarcube Corner with the task to continue the baking. What could possibly go wrong? A lot of things, as Ponyville gets suddenly attacked by almost unbeatable balloon monsters. With being the only one who can prevent the strange creatures from destroying Ponyville, Gummy confronts them bravely. Will he be able to stop the threat and become Equestria's bravest alligator?

    Alligator Gummy, Hero and Savior of Equestria

    Characters: Gummy, Pinkie Pie


    [Adventure][Random] - 3433 words

    Author: Wilhelm Scream

    A new take on who Gummy actually is. Gummy, when no pony is looking, reveals to be what is essentially a mix of Nibbler from Futurama and Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. This adventure acts as if it is a conclusion in an ongoing story of Gummy's search for Meadowbrooke's amulet. Including new and old characters, this adventure sheds new light on the character of Gummy.

    Gummy and the Search for Meadowbrooke's Amulet

    Characters: Gummy, Zecora, Elder Griffon

    [Adventure][Comedy] - 1200 words

    Author: Georg

    When Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie return to Ponyville to tell Twilight Sparkle all about their trip, they each have a somewhat odd idea of what Gummy has been up to while they were gone. A tribute to the last episode of Phineas and Ferb, which will air June 12, 2015.

    Phineas and Ferb Tribute - Gummy the Gator, Agent of O.W.A.C.A.

    Characters: Agent G, Gummy the Gator, Twilight Sparkle, Twilight's Vanishing Sanity

    [Adventure][Random] - 4049 words

    Author: Krushan

    Gummy looks like a normal aligator, but really he is a chimera which can change it's look with his Chimera cores, like he calls it. Oh, and he is an agent in an organisation called Nocturnal Security Assosiatin (NSA). One day, when he wanted to finish a cake for Pinkie, his headquarter calls him for a top secret mission. What will it be...

    A call for Agent Gummy

    Characters: Gummy, Oc

    [Adventure] - 1531 words

    Author: OmnipotentChocolateMilk

    Ah. Freedom. Looks like the pink one has gone. Gummy is now up to his own devices it looks like Gummy has a single goal in mind that'll need some cunning to achieve.


    Characters: Gummy, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle

    [Adventure] - 5700 words

    Author: ScifiPony

    Saving a friend, and acknowledging her, had led me to right here, right now, Twilight Sparkle’s tourist guidebook under my talons, thinking about this thing ponies called community. Griffons had lost the symbol they agreed brought them together and had allowed themselves to forget their greatness. It was the degradation I’d brought upon myself when I humiliated myself at Pinkie Pie’s party. But then I thought, what if Dashie had seen the true second step in saving us? She knew griffons through me. Was she right? Save the idol, save the world?

    Community Service

    Characters: Gilda

    [Adventure] - 1341 words

    Author: Greatmewtwo

    The things Pinkie Pie left Gummy were left undone, but only because of some dangerous photography. What dangers does he really deal in? You'll be surprised.

    Gummy Snaps Some

    Characters: Gummy


    [Dark][Sad] - 1083 words

    Author: coolcatshadow

    after rainbow dash and pinkie pie leave griffionstone they leave Gilda to bring friendship to griffinstone all by herself.1

    baking powder

    Characters: Gilda , rainbow dash, pinkie pie