• Artist Spotlight: Inteaselive / Vitaj / Pelate

    Welcome again to another edition of our Artist Spotlight where we hope to expose our good readers to some amazing artists they might have missed out there in the wide world of pony! We've got a mix of humanized, ponies, digital and traditional so don't miss out.

    Check on after the break for some new artists to follow!

    Twitter: Calpain


    It can be hard to find good humanized ponies outside of the style of EqG, and considering the reactions some people have towards humanized and anthro ponies it also appears to be in lesser demand. But that doesn't stop our first artist, Inteaselive, from taking the awesome and cranking it up to 11!

    Specializing in mainly humanized artwork, Inteaselive combines her skills with backgrounds, anatomy, shading, and especially clothing to give her pictures life. The detail on the clothing alone in a lot of her shots looks like it could have taken hours alone, but the end result is totally worth it!

    Find some of her work below.

    Inteaselive's Gallery


    Next up is a digital artist specializing in a painted digital style! Using highly detailed backgrounds combined with a slightly blurred painting effect,Vitaj's pieces can seem a bit surreal at times. While not as highly detailed as some of the other artists we've had on here, his work shows an amazing amount of potential and his background work already surpasses a ton of artists out there. Check out what I mean below!

    Vitaj's Gallery


    Finally up to plate today is a traditional artist that deals in the silly and cute! Completely drawn and colored by hand on paper, Pelate might not have many background heavy pics, but does wonderful character pieces that emphasize on character expressions as well as humor and cuteness in most of them. If you just want an artist whose work can make you smile, check out the Pelate!

    Pelate's Gallery