• Discussion: Favorite Fandom Moment

    While there are parts of the fandom community that we each really enjoy there are periods within our almost five year history that stand out regardless of genre or media type. For some of us it was the moment that Derpy played a role in The Last Roundup, the first time they attended a convention or meetup, hearing that John de Lancie was going to actually be on FiM, and so on.

    My personal fandom moment would have to be the summer period of 2011, when pony just exploded into something I had never seen before. It was an amazing ride back then and while the output nowadays outpaces what was made back then easily, it was still an exciting period for myself and others.

    So what's your personal favorite fandom moment? What did you do/see/hear that just made you smile and made your heart glow? Share your tales down in the comments!

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