• Plant a Tree For Tree Hugger Event - The Results

    Can we just like, stop stressing and save the earth or something? We did a quick event last month asking you all to go plant things in Tree Hugger's name, and these are the results. Bronies apparently don't like to get dirty, but 18 of you were champs and went for it.

    And a reminder for those that weren't around earlier in the week, the Ponies Around the World event is opened today. Get those pictures going!

    Head on down below the break to check out some trees!

    1 Container Garden - whothehay

    No trees and already withered; anyways, here's a photo I took earlier this year.
    2 - dragosong

    5 Apple Trees and Bloom - SgtGarand

    I started the three apple trees from seed about 3-4 years ago. The Japanese Red Maple is a recent purchase.
    6 Rainbow Dash and the Newly Planted Fig Tree - Miguel Carandang

    My submission for Equestria Daily's Plant a Tree for Tree Hugger Event, nothing too special. Looks like somepony's going to have a new tree to nap on!
    7 A Garden for Tree Hugger - SilverLugia249

    Just a little something me and a group of my friends decided to do as part of our Memorial Day gathering using some our favorite ponies to pose with. The garden I maintain, plant, and harvest crops from seemed like a good idea.
    8 Baby Oak Tree: Applejack Approved - Treble Bolt

    Baby White Oak tree currently potted to optimize early growth. This is my 3rd attempt at growing a baby oak tree, because the most delicate time in an oak tree's life is between seedling and establishment of the tap root. This tree was planted in between and thus needs lots of love and attention. Applejack approves of this tree. It's name is Eik, which is Norwegian for "oak."
    10 Dash with a willow sapling - Carlsbad, Czech republic - Simon

    Greetings from central Europe, this buddy is one of the three saplings I planted for Treehugger (and the only one that survived the first week, because I suck at tree planting). I'll do my best to make sure he outlives me.
    11 Plant a Tree for Tree Hugger! 2015 - Zero Pony

    DEAR GOD, THEY'RE IN THE TREES ! ! ! This is my entry for Eqd's Plant a Tree for Tree Hugger event. From left to right: mango tree, sapling flamboyant tree, probably dead gandules tree, little pineapple plant (on the ground), and two avocado trees. My family and I raised all of these from seeds. There are nine ponies in those trees, can you spot them all ? Ponies Include: Lu Lu (Luna) Celly (Celestia) Candy (Cadence) Princess Pancake The Pink One Apple Horse Miss Awesome Strawberries and Lemon-aid and the Fussy One If find them all you get a stack'o pancakes.
    12 Drown in flowers ft Rainbow Dash - JMoltenlyre

    I had no trees. So all the various flowers featured here have been planted within the past six weeks or so and have finally bloomed, so I felt maybe this could be included in the event :)
    16 Tree Hugger and Rarity - Alicornify

    Hi everyone! First time submitter here! I re-planted 6 native plants in this brand new garden. Some would have had to have been destroyed otherwise, since the sumac trees were growing under my clothesline (NOT ideal). Tree Hugger inspired me to save them and make a garden with them! The "weeds" in the garden are intentional. I figured Tree Hugger would love all plants and not want the lesser plants destroyed for the sake of 'aesthetics'. ;) Plants planted: 3 sumac trees, 1 wild blueberry bush, 1 bunchberry flower, 1 small wintergreen (no arrow). Tree Hugger and Rarity = my favorite ponies!
    17 Scootaloo Is A Cactus! (Scootacactus Project 2015) - CMC_Scootaloo

    And here it is! My entry for the "Plant a Tree for Tree Hugger!" event! As already announced in the comments under the news for it, I have decided to plant a cactus, to not only having something to remember "Make New Friends but Keep Discord", but also "Appleloosa's Most Wanted" and Scootaloo's cool cactus hat! The cactus is also meant to represent Scootaloo, thus the name "Scootacactus". Because Scootaloo is no chicken, she's a cactus! And she's going to sting you with her needles if you call her like a flightless bird! After 2 weeks of waiting and me already developing doubts if it will work, there was finally a plant growing out of the dirt! I'm unsure if it is really a cactus that is growing there, because it's not looking like one so far, but, who knows? Maybe that's how cactuses start out! Will it work? Will a big and majestic cactus, that makes Scootaloo proud and happy, grow? Check out the Imgur album I made for updates and progress report: https://imgur.com/a/GRrVh#0
    18 Fluttershy the Hedger - Frith

    To appease the blog-wrights who doth say Nyx! Nyx! Nyx!... you must plant us a... shubbery! It must be a lilac hedge shrubbery with tulips, irises and daffodils throughout.