• Friendship is Wild Releases!

    Awhile back we posted up an article about Friendship is Wild, a fundraiser for wild animals. The book is now finally out for purchase! Give to charity and get a bunch of awesome pics form artists around the fandom.

    Check on after the break for all the information!

    The Friendship is Wild charity artbook has finally arrived! For early pre-orders the books have already began shipping out, but it's not too late to grab a copy for yourself!

    You can grab it here on storenvy for $25 and 100% of the proceeds made off each book will go towards the charity Wildaid. The Friendship is Wild Artbook is a multi-artist collaboration that features art themed around my little pony and wild animals.

    Wildaid is a charity focused on ending the illegal wildlife trade through education and awareness. It has been absolutely overwhelming how much support this project has received over the past few months. 

    From the gracious help of the Equestria Daily staff to the astonishing number of artists who have joined this project. We have art from Leekfish, Pixel-Prism, Equestria-Prevails, Rozga, and many more amazingly talented artists from around the world. Animals of the world desperately need our help. The Illegal wildlife trade is a 10 Billion dollar a year industry and it’s killing off animals at an alarming rate. 

    The numbers are bit scary. Due to habitat destruction and poaching there are now less than 900 mountain gorilla left, there are less than 350 Amur Leopards left due to the value of their fur, and there are only about 72 Javan Rhinos left. 72. 

    Most of you probably have more facebook friends than that. The last 10 northern white rhinos left in the entire world have to be protected so fiercely that they have guards on them day and night to make sure they aren’t attacked by poachers. Imagine being only 1 of 10 humans left in the world. That’s an incredibly scary thought isn’t it. 

    Their close cousin, the northern black rhino, not even 5 years ago was completely hunted to extinction. Things don’t have to continue this way though and it starts with you. Each and every one of you has the power to do amazing things and enact great change in the world. The Friendship is Wild Project was founded on the idea that, together, we can enact great change through creativity and generosity. 

    Bronies have proven again and again through the years to be absolutely amazing in their ability to help those in need. It’s incredible how much love this fandom has in their hearts for others. Remember, friendship isn’t just magic. It can be wild too! Thank you so much everyone for your support!

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