• Herd Census 2015!

    The Herd Census is back! What sort of things can we expect out of this year's data?

    Check on after the break for all the information you need to help with the census.

    It’s that time again! Time to start up and be counted as part of the Brony Herd. Yes, it’s the 2015 Brony Herd Census, the largest annual demographic study of the Brony Fandom!  This year’s census adds a few questions (including opinions about whether the show should go on forever), and as usual lets you help pick Statistically Best Pony (will Twilight continue her unbroken reign/rein as top pony, or will someone finally steal the crown?).  

    As was the case last year, the Herd Census is being held in conjunction with Salem State University, and will help investigate the relationship between personality and the show, hopefully resulting in publishable research in the near future. The census is also one of the primary resources that the news media uses to find out about Bronies, so the more people who can participate, the better.

    We regret that due to some logistical issues, the census is only available in English this year, we hope to make it available in more languages next year.

    To get to the census (which should take about 20 minutes of your time), go to:

    For the Herd Census Team,
    Coder Brony
    Demographer by Appointment to Her Majesty Princess Twilight (aka Science Pony)

    Twitter: Calpain