• New Pony DVD and Pop-Up Book Listed on Amazon

    Looks like we can expect some more official merchandise in the form of DVDs and pop-up books within a year! Just added to Amazon we have a DVD called Games Ponies Play from Shout! Factory due for release in September. There isn't any episode listings available for it as of yet, but I bet we can expect to see episodes related to the Equestrian Games on the disc.

    We've also got a possible pop-up book that will be released early next year called MLP: Make Your Own Pop-Up Book. Information is a bit more dubious for this one as there isn't even a picture to go with it, but it's nice news for fans previous MLP pop-ups.

    Thanks to StarDreamer for sending them in! Find the links below.

    Games Ponies Play DVD
    MLP: Pop-Up Book

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