• My Little Pony CCG Store Championship Locations Posted

    The map for Store Champs for the My Little Pony CCG has been posted, and you can find it right here!

    EDIT: There is still time for stores to sign up for events that will take place after this weekend! Store reps should go fill out this form here ASAP!

    Trust me, that new Rarity foil looks amazing in person. Anyway, a map for Regional Championship events will be coming a little later on. Facebook quote below about the events:
    From June 12 to July 12, participating stores will be running Store Championship events. These events are a great way to get into MLP: CCG tournament play! The Store Championship format is constructed, and each participant will receive an alternate-art foil Out of Action card. Players in the Top 8 will receive an alternate-art foil Falcon, Fast & Furious card, and the top two players will qualify to compete in the Continental Championships at Gen Con!

    Hoping to compete in the Continental Championships at Gen Con? Then you'll want to participate in Store Championships and Regionals, so you can qualify for Continental Championships July 29 through August 2... You won't want to miss out on the great prizes, or the brand new, full-art Rarity, Truly Outrageous foil promo card awarded to each participant! If you don't qualify before July 29, there will be a last chance to qualify at Gen Con before the main event - and even if you don't plan on competing in the Championship, make sure you come out to play in all the other fun-filled events we have planned for Gen Con weekend!