• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 REAL Best Background Ponies of the Past 5 Seasons!

    A certain gray mare with bubbles on her butt kinda dominated our bonus-99 episode celebration post. Lets go ahead and do a REAL best background pony countdown for the actual event.

    Over the years, DHX and friends have crafted all sorts of models to help make Ponyville and it's outlying cities feel more lively. The early fandom essentially adopted them, turning dozens of ponies into fully fledged characters with different fan interpretations that fanonized their loves around Equestria. Few could escape the POWER OF OUR CREATIVITY. (For better or worse...)

    While this practice seems to have slowed down, we came out of it with a whole bunch of awesome characters to play with. Lets celebrate them!

    Below the break, we continue our 99 episode celebration and check out 9 of our favorite background ponies from the past 5 seasons!

    Doctor Whoof

    There never was any official confirmation early on that this guy was actually based on The Doctor in any way, but DHX quickly jumped on to this fanon for him. From the moment he appeared in Call of the Cutie, he has pretty much been converted into the ponification of everyone's favorite Timelord. I know a lot of people, myself included, that started watching the new Doctor Who series specifically because of all the fanon surrounding him.

    From comic covers to Funko figures, Dr. Whooves has pretty much been a crossover icon!

    Bonbon/Sweet Drops

    While Lyra may usually steal the spotlight, there is no denying that Bonbon played a pretty big role in the world of background ponies early on. A single scene tied her specifically to Lyra, and from there she has had a plethora of completely ridiculous voices in various backgroundy scenes throughout the show.

    Will she speak in episode 100? What madness will come out of her mouth? I seriously can't wait for that one.

    Amethyst Star / Sparkler

    We have a name for this pony now. For the longest time, the fandom pretty much dubbed her Sparkler due to her triple diamond cutie mark. While not the most prevalent in fanon creations, she wins on the "varying fanon ideas" front. Everyone has a different idea for what her role in Ponyville is. She even did a pretty major stint as Derpy's older daughter in some circles.

    Cloudchaser and Flitter

    I didn't want to combine any of these, but I couldn't decide on which of the two to snag. Outside of constantly typoing Flitter's name due to the close proximity of the "u" key and how often I type "flutter" thanks to ponies, these guys are probably some of my favorite background ponies in the show.

    Cloudchaser has one of the most unique manes out there, and Flitter's bow adds a lot of personality to a pony that doesn't really have much in canon. I'm hoping they play a role in the 100th episode.


    Have you brushed your teeth today? Do you need some motivation? Have some COLGATE! Her official name is Minuette for obvious copyright reasons, but there is not escaping her dentistry and time-magic background. Some specifically write her as Ponyville's #1 toothcare professional, while others prefer to pair her up with Doctor Whoof as a fellow timelord.  The Pony Platforming Project combined both.

    Regardless of where you stand on her, it's time for BRUSHIE.

    Berry Punch

    Every small town needs it's resident silly drunk. A single sneaky sip from the punch at a party and her wine-looking cutie mark have pretty much trapped Berry Punch in that role. Some have tied her to a daughter going by the name of Berry Pinch, but most just run with the "completely smashed 24/7" idea. Best drunk poni.


    These days, she's pretty much always tied to Vinyl Scratch in some way, but Octavia's high class Canterlot life and ambitious career in the royal orchestra haven't always gone that route. Since her very first appearance, she has become the icon of pony orchestral music, and been everything from a mafia crime boss to a Dungeons and Dragons style bard in fan art. The fanon behind her is extensive to say the least. And all it took was a cute bow and cello to do it.

    Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3

    Name: Vinyl Scratch
    Stage Name: DJ Pon-3

    You can stop sending me angry emails about what we call her now! Hasbro has 100% adopted her almost as heavily as Derpy at this point. She played a major role in the movies, has a whole bunch of merchandise, and is the go-to pony for anything electronic based.

    Is she mute? I think the team over at DHX fears the reaction to her speaking up. The fanon voices she has had over the years are pretty set-in-stone for style. It's kind of a fun idea to make her unable to speak though!

    Lyra Heartstrings

    Cutest BG pony

    Outside of the obvious Bonbon pairing, Lyra is right up there with the other major background characters in terms of varying views on fanon. Simply sitting a strange way has forever marked her as a pony obsessed with humans, further fueled by songs like Anthropology, and fan art of her drooling over hands. 

    She also joins the other musical ponies in various stories about college bands and the extreme pressure musicians are under to perform. 

    How will they treat her in episode 100? Will we actually see some Bonbon interaction? Just four more days!

    Honorable Mention/Dictator Edit

    I got nothin.

    Episode 100 is so close! Just a few more of these posts and we will be basking in GLORIOUS background pony goodness. What categories do you want to see for the next few days? What background ponies should have been on  this list that aren't? Hit up the comments!