• Pony Collection Contest 2015 - Tons of Awesome Collections Arrive!

    How ridiculously amazing is your pony collection? Time to find out what the fandom has for theirs! 114 people sent in their awesome gigantic pony powerlevels, and we have them all here for you to browse.

    I can only imagine how much some of these cost. My poor Funko / 4DE / Custom collection pales in comparison. Though I do have more blindbags than I know what to do with in a box somewhere.

    Head on down below the break to check out a bunch of awesome collections!

    1 MLP Collection 5-2015 - lordalexander74

    About 2/3 of my total collection. Not pictured are several posters, my entire trading card collection, a Spitfire beanie, a Fluffle Puff plush and a Derpy playmat.
    2 Tre's MLP Collection 2015 - Teresa Watts

    My collection of My Little Pony stuff that I own so far. Not featured in this is my DJ Pon-3 EQG doll and Pinkie Pie MP3 Speaker as much of it is often boxed up and I was unable to track them down at the time. And also missing are all the MLP comics I own. The CENTRE pic show the collection as a whole and the pics around it are close ups.
    3 - Ian

    I don't think this will actually get reposted The best I can hope for is low entry numbers
    5 Most of my pony things - Ethan Moore

    I also have CCG cards and a calendar, but they are not shown here
    6 Pony Collection Contest 2015 - Kitt Stargazer

    Here you folks over at EqD. I made sure to credit on about everything I got from the source if I didn't create them myself as best as I could so the original people get their fair due. Thanks for your time
    7 - Travis

    Not my full collection, but a good portion of it!
    8 - Reach Apl

    9 My Pony Collection 2015 - CHrieger

    Here you can see my collection of multi colored toy equines as well as all the other stuff.
    10 My old room. Monaco, France. - Manfredi Mark

    France, Monaco. Fallout Equestria posters out of the frame.
    11 Lepper's pony collection - Mart Wessling

    List of stuff found in the picture: 3 Small plushies (there's another Twilight Sparkle plushie behind Luna's tail). 2 Big plushies, hand made by the wonderful valio99999. 4 MLP shirts. An engraved glass cup with Rarity on it (not very visible in the picture). 3 Funko vinyl figures. The Fluttershy is signed by the Dutch and Swedish voice actor of Fluttershy. Smaller stuff in the picture are 3 buttons, a guide to Hearth Warming's Con 2015 and a tiny Rainbow Dash plushie on the 2nd plank of the table. Ponies are awesome! /)
    13 Alex_uk's poni collection - Alex Gilman

    Since last year I added 5 funko's, calendars, bound together comic, dvd's and moar comics! It is harder to get pony in UK remember :( See you next year :3
    14 - 172rainbow

    Estimated value 1500-2000 USD
    16 - 124scratch

    It's literally in my closet. And I say I'm a brony loud and proud.

    18 Pony Collection Spanning Generations - Lou Gagliardi

    This is my entire collection--every plush, blind bag, brushable as well as two Funko toys. It also includes toys from Generation 1 of My Little Pony such as Firefly, Lickety Split and Meghan!
    19 my pony stuff - waldo arias

    took this in my phone so i know its not the best quality. this is what i have so far.
    20 Twitchys Pony Collection - Twitchy

    21 Timberrwolfs collection of everything pony - Timberr1

    Page has 3 other closer up pictures of collection
    22 - Skunkfrakker

    The painting really freaks out the pizza guy. That's right through the front door.
    23 Red Poni Army - Redczar

    Say hello to my glories Poni Collect Comrades. In the name of the glories Poni Motherland comrades.
    25 A Collage of Pony - James Stuart

    A collage of pony and other merchandise, collected since 2013.
    27 Pony collection part 2 - Drake Smith

    This is part 2 of my pony collection.
    29 Collage of my Pony Stuff - Ondrej Prokes

    74x pony BB's 298x MLP CCG cards Big Fluttershy from Germany MC'Donalds Twilight Sparkle Elements of Harmony book 12x Pony buttons Tale's of Two Sisters book Libussa from Czequestria Czequestria 0,5l glass Nice card signed by Anneli Heed and EileMonty! MLP Puzzle Fallout: Equestria books Daring Do books A.K.Yearling Box Case for a book
    30 Alex Dash's Merch - Alex

    Mostly Funkos and Shirts. Almost always wearing one of the lanyards and the lead pony pin.
    31 My Pony Collection Of May 2015 - LemonyCupcakeGem

    Most of my My Little Pony collection as of May 2015
    33 The Collection - Gergely Palfi

    All pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72411184/K%C3%A9pek/Gergely%20P%C3%A1lfi%20My%20Little%20Pony%20Collection.rar
    34 - Chris Heaton (Junkie-kun)

    This is my MLP collection. It's not the most impressive, but I DO have almost all the comics, as well as other various merchandise such as blind-bag figures, plushies, and cards.
    35 Merch Madness - Justin Blanford

    4 years worth of collecting MLP merch and still going!
    37 A Collage of Pony - James Stuart

    A collage of pony, set to "Wonderful Seabed" from the unlicensed Sega Mega Drive game, "Magic Bubble."
    38 - TheEvaFreak

    Pretty much everything, only missing a couple shirts that were in the wash, I didn't even realize how much I had until now X_X
    40 My Pony Collection - Chris White

    This compiles my whole collection with G1, G2, G3, and G4 pony stuff. Unfortunately I could not get all of my collection in one picture.

    41 Life Long Collection - Tara Richards

    I apologize for the poor quality I really do D:
    43 Flitter's Pony Collection - Flitter

    This is a picture of my pony display from January 2015. They're all in storage right now and I won't have them out before the submission deadline for the event but I wanted to participate even though I couldn't take a more current pic. I've added Funko Princess Cadance & Shining Armor, and brushables Honey Rays, Diamond Mint and Holly Dash since this photo. I also have some enterplay trading cards, a few welovefine t-shirts, and some accessories & stationary not shown, as well as the Season 2 poster set that is similar to the 2011 comic con one.
    47 Pony plushies - Megan

    Here's my collection of plushies, brushables, dolls and books. I'd say that my collection has grown a lot over the past year... and this isn't even all of it!
    48 My Little Pony figurine collection - Megan

    Here's the second part of my collection! Not all of the blind bag figures are in this picture, because they couldn't fit.
    49 $200 worth of Merch - Jeffrey A

    Started to collect MLP merchandise last year on August 2014 and i have come this far today.
    50 My Pony Collection - Melissa Kollhoff

    sorry for the picture quality. i am just happy to share my collection with the pony fanbase =D
    51 Rarity on top of left Reloop ADM-4 - HeimoBauss

    In case you really didn't catch up on it as soon as you saw the picture, this hardcore collection of one figurine was sent to this event as a joke :D
    52 MLP Collection Collage 2015 - Lindsey

    Here's my pony collection! I mostly collect plushes, brushables, and Equestria Girls merch. Check it out on my deviantart page, icantunloveyou.deviantart.com!
    53 HorseNerd Stuff - Ethaes

    Read a book. Eat healthy.
    54 All The Ponies Are Belonging To Me - Ryan T

    I have been collecting ponies for about 2 and a half years. Here is a link to more of my collection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmjid_Ov51I I have - 41 Equestria Girls Dolls 20 MLP Funko Vinyls 4 Funko Pops! 41 Brushables 91 Blind Bag Ponies Both MLP Movies 21 Blind Box Ponies 2 Mousepad 4 Posters Wrapping Paper Pony Monopoly 5 Lunchboxes 10 Build a Bear Ponies 15 Pony Shirts 2 Hoodies (Applejack/Rainbow Dash) And Much More You can find the rest of my collection on my Deviant Art Page
    55 Applejack Collection - Moso

    I love Applejack!
    56 Blixemi's Pony Collection! - Blixemi

    This is an accumulation of like, four years. I've bought some and quite a few are gifts!
    57 My post BABScon collection - Benjamin

    I went to BABScon and got enough merchandise that I thought I could post it here without too much shame.
    58 Late Spring Compilation - Celestiafan

    Nothing to see here :D You might spot some ponies... I can't &won't show ALL the merch, too much! They told me NOT submit, but I didn't listen!
    60 The Herd - Artyom

    It's SO good to be an adult. You want a toy pony? Go and get one. You want another? Go and get another! What can be better than that.

    62 A French Brony's Collection - Яeixi2525

     Im a brony since 2012 and I started my collection in November 2014, and I'm collecting a lot of pony stuff like figures, plushs, books, posters, tin boxes and more... There is no "handmade" items but I hope i'll find some at a french convention called "PonySouth"(July 18-19th) ;)
    63 MLP Collection (Best Pony) - Blayaden

    My Derpy collection! :P
    65 MLP Merch Collection as of 05/21/2015 - Thalia Thespis

    I started my collection right about the same time that season two started. My very first piece of merch was the standard Pinkie brushable that can be seen at the front left side of my Pinkie shelf. Since then, my collection has grown to over 25+ plushies, 30+ prints/posters (not all shown), 45+ brushables, well over 100 blind bags, and various other pieces (fan-made and official) that have effectively taken over my room. My collection continues to grow, though I now try to limit myself primarily to Pinkie merch for the sake of my wallet. :)
    66 A Whole Mess of Pony Stuff (a pony collection in four pictures) - Gwen Walker

    The pictures are blurry because, unfortunately, I don't own a higher-end phone or camera. The blob of red underneath Pinkie's face on the righthand poster is the second wave of MLP/equestria girls merch from Mcdonalds, unopened. The 3DS on the bed has a Fluttershy vinyl skin; the comics are main series 1-29, friends forever 1-14, fiendship is magic 1-5, ponytales (micro series compendium) 1 and 2. The larger Rainbow Dash plush is actually a backpack. Hope you folks like my collection! If I had better storage and organization in my room, it'd be a lot easier to get all in one picture, but it's just not set up to show off a collection.
    69 - Lauryn

    (Apologies if this submits twice, had some trouble with the submitter) I first began collecting ponies in May of 2011. 4 years, 16 Build A Bear ponies, and 82 brushable figures (44 of which are customs) later, my collection is still going strong!
    70 Raggy Rabbit's Collection - raggity bunny

    This is my collection for the Equestria Daily Pony collection contest. Here I have: 3 big plushies, 1 Small Plushie. A Season 1 poster. The DVD's from season 1 to season 4. The Mane 6 Brushables. 2 happy meals. A Glittery water Luna. A Shadow Bolt Rainbowdash. A Funko Derpy hooves Figure and 22 mini figures. (also a pen a ruler and a pinkie pie eraser.) Enjoy.
    71 Never enough - Kim A. Olsen

    Just a small collection, would have so much more if i didn't spend "enough" (or earned more) on the awesome Rainbow Dash plushie (mind you, it was well worth every bits).
    72 my pony stuff - waldo arias

    repost from my previous one. again the quailty isnt that great, took these from my phone.
    73 My MLP Collection 2015 - Shining Rainbow 99

    That's about half of what I have. Didn't have time for my blind bag minis, artwork, coloring books, and some other stuff. I hope you like!
    74 The Pony Shelf - aj0joe

    My small collection. It's fits all in a tiny shelf :D
    75 Joel's Pony collection 2015 - Joel Thiele

    This is about half of pony collection.
    78 - Mari Reini

    80 - Reach Apl

    81 Mirage's Ponies - Adrian Taylor

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pones
    82 - Faiko

    83 My Pony Collection (duh!) - Qbe Root

    Featuring a Pinkie plushie who wants to be bigger and a Funko Pop! Discord who doesn’t care about gravity.
    84 A years worth of pone - Random Butt Marks

    I only joined the fandom about this time last year and I don't have much spare money, but as they say "slow and steady wins the race!"
    85 The Wilshire Collection 2015 - wilshirewolf

    Full Scale version can be found here http://fav.me/d8ubtwb
    86 Pony Collection Collage - Joseph Ortiz

    Damn, making a good collage is hard...
    87 Pone collection :DD - Jani

    That brown pony with brown/green mane and tail is my oc :)
    91 Collage, Revision 4 - James Stuart

    A collage of my pony material. Amassed from two years of collecting.
    92 Plushie collection - Jeffrey Black

    All the life size and large ponies I bought off KarasuNezumi http://karasunezumi.deviantart.com/ The Rainbow rocks standup I bought off someone from Walmart. For the photo I had to move my dining room table to fit 4.5 life size ponies side by side... otherwise they take up both my dining room and living room (by taking this photo I got my couch back and was able to lay down for the first time in over a year ^^)
    95 WhiteHeather's Rarity collection - WhiteHeather

    This collection of the best pony features official merchandise, custom plushies and sculptures from many talented artists, and original comic cover art by Sara Richard!
    96 My collection and Rarity themed PC 2.0 - Rag

    A collage of photos of my desk area which features a modest collection of MLP items including a fully custom, Rarity themed PC dubbed "Project Inspiration" that I've been working on over the past year.
    97 My Pony Collection - Michael

    The controller was custom Painted to resemble Pinkie Pie
    98 Pony Collection Event 1 (Official MLP: FiM Comic) - CMC_Scootaloo

    My first entry for the Pony Collection Event 2015, all of my MLP: FiM comics. A lot more this time, since my participation last year, I added 24 issues (some of twice with different covers) to my collection. I needed to make two photos this time, because the room did not offer enough space anymore to lay them all out. :D
    99 Pony Collection Event 2 - CMC_Scootaloo

    My second entry for the Pony Collection Event, with the rest of my MLP: FiM fan articles. Unfortunately, I hadn't time anymore to dust off everything, so my collection is not presented in the best light this time. :\ I had to resize the picture for Deviantart, full-size versions of the pictures are here: http://imgur.com/iSQHF36,awgi33O,v4abOW9,PlnVjKi,4oaWDDk,gY7t4if,6sFN0Fj,Tz8lRYP,OfhunoF,msxkIJG,sjS85Ze,uJOatWu,gz8UUUm,FL5aMeY,u0ZCqL3,e5E3mkK,bdEadwK,UJX7LcP,f8yIFsz,KdGjErV,qpMetrF,cdLqfbK,WvBXik7,YkDtPp5,tiY4nGK,rTj6yB5
    100 Apple Family, Lyra, Bonbon, Trixie, Sunset, Derpy, Luna and other ponies collection of 1 year - Itcheeee

    Just around 1 year ago I started my collection with the Apple Family, Fluttershy and Trixie. Now it has grown into something I never dreamed of having. I am very greatful for every pony thing I have and remember the days of owning just the Build A Bears, AJ and Big Mac Funkos and a Nightmare Moon shirt and was about it. Huge thank you to everyone who has helped me collect these ponies, from around the world. The magic of friendship is truely a powerful thing :) My dream is to have a complete collection of Applejack, Trixie, Luna and my favorite background ponies. Please feel free to ask me about any of my collection, and thanks :) Itcheeee

    101 My Pony Collection 2015 - BraveryTheBrony

    My pony collection as of 2015. Some small things like toys and posters are not pictured since it was a squeeze to fit all this in already. I hope you all like it!
    102 Pony Collection - DarthPinkie

    My pony collection, witch sadly lacks pictures of all my FiM brushables (of witch there are a lot)
    103 - Chris Pacheco

    trying to put all of my pictures into one picture is too frustrating, at the moment. heres some stuff I'm the most proud of. both variants of the single 2500 press, MAGICAL FRIENDSHIP TOUR 12". LUNA VARIANT signed by DANIEL INGRAM. IDW RI, #1 copy and IDW #12 RI & 24 RI signed by ANDY PRICE. #12 SUB with hand drawn art by ANDY PRICE.
    104 My Giant Pony Collection 1 - FluttershyHiker

    A collage of *most* of my pony collection that I've been collecting since 2010, during Season 1.
    105 Remodeling a House Pony Style! - Fluttershy(Hiker/IsMagic)

    A collage of *most* of my pony collection. Includes over 100 trading cards and a binder, 13 plushies, 3D printed Fluttershy figure, Fluttershy's Element of Harmony neclace, Daring Do Adventure Collection (with books), 10 Funko pony figures, 6 Mystery Minis, 2 official Convention posters (Daring Do poster; and ponies and villains poster), numerous posters and picture frames, a GIANT 50-inch custom-printed Fluttershy poster, the complete Mane 6 Beanie Babies Plush collection, a custom 1/2-of-life-size Fluttershy plush (don't have it yet), 3 DVDs (both G1 and G4), and a bunch of blind bags and generic brushables. Not included in the collage are a Enterplay Fluttershy poster (came in Fluttershy trading card box set), Trading Card Grand Galloping Gala poster, a bunch of G1 ponies (to sell), and four boxes of near mint G1 ponies (part of G1 collection).
    106 OMG! PONIES! - David it's plural Peters

    It took so much time to get it all together. Just message me, and let me know if you need any info. I've emailed someone there already the other day. I put the photobucket gallery in the deviant art url just because there's too much for one pic. Thanks!
    107 - Magi

    109 PONIES EVERYWHERE - Gingersnap the Maniac (or Holly)

    I literally just threw a pony blanket over my bed and just laid all of my merchandise on it. yay....
    110 Komaeda's Pony Wall! - Komaeda

    This is what a year's worth of pony merch is on one wall! Well excluding my shirts and posters that I have but weren't able to get in the picture!
    111 The TaviScratch Wall (aka The Wall of Shame) - AndrewRogue

    Not quite my whole collection, but the best part, in my opinion! Am missing a wonderful bag that a Reddit Gift Exchange Santa just got me, but I want to use it, not hang it on my wall! Most of the pieces up there are originals from SophieCabra and Kenket (though I have a few prints), but we also have a papercut from JackofMostTrades and Paper Pony, an original painting from a friend of mine, a phone case from Secret-Pony, prints from FireBrandKun, FearingFun, Andy Price, Toonbat, and buttons from Braeburned, FireBrandKun, and several other artists who I can't recall right this second. =(
    113 Most of collection, 2011-2015 - Frith

    Stuff not in the picture: Monopoly, Life, FoE, Past Sins, all the DVD's, CCG cards, lunchbox, all the comics, bedspreads, towels, pillowcase, t-shirts, scarf, sparkly blind bags, talking NMM...
    114 Pony Collection 2011-2015 part deux - Frith

    More stuff. That's five cabinets and a shelf, and a bunch of covers, shirts and stuff not shown. Outside the sky is brightening. It's twilight time.