• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Of the Cutest Moments of the Last Five Seasons!

    Before pony, I think I used the word "cute" maybe 10 times in my entire life. That just wasn't in my vocabulary. It has even gone so far as to hit the next layer with "adorable". When you are using those two multiple times a day, you know you are into ponies.

    Time to get back on track with our 99 episode celebration! Technically these were supposed to be every other day, but Derpy decided she needed some attention yesterday, so that happened.

    Head on down below the break for 9 of the cutest moments in the show!

    Note: These are in no particular order, and obviously your opinion may be different! Drop in the comments!

    If someone with no knowledge of the show walked in and read a Rainbow Dash profile, the last thing they would think would be cute. Tomboy, hyper competitive, fierce, and slightly narcissistic define Dashie here for the most part. Every once in a while though, the cuteness bears it's head and I bet she'd be totally embarrassed if she found out how adorable she can be.

    Ohmigosh was one of the first times, followed closely behind the scene with her brand new Daring Do book I can't find a youtube video of.

    Twilight Sparkle's YesYesYes

    Unlike Dash, Twilight Sparkle is no stranger to the land of cute. She is pretty much the embodyment for the world "adorkable" in everything she does when not being forced into princess duties.

    Our royal purple pancake has had some pretty amazing moments this season, with her hoof-drawn griffon guide and general bookyness, but nothing tops the time when she was accepted as Celestia's student, and again when reminiscing on her acceptance. Best nerd poni. So happy. I could watch it for hours.

    CMC and Milkshakes

    When they aren't making my ears hurt with yelling and screaming at the Gala about every little thing, the CMC have some pretty epic-tier cute moments. The Milkshake scene from their Babs Seed song was probably one of the best. Quite a few of you over on Twitter recommended this one, so TO THE LIST it goes!

    Dash Tank Nose Rub

    I apologize. Rainbow Dash appears way too much in this list. Maybe it's that polarity thing. She's just not supposed to be cute! Her Tank dynamic is almost too much. That entire episode this season was hitting critical mass for best pet/pony pair!

    Replace this one with Scootaloo for even more daww.

    Sunshine Sunshine Ladybugs Awake!

    I know a lot of you were getting pretty tired of these two doing the dance every time they ran into each other, but you can't deny that the first encounter passed out diabetes like free ice-cream day at Baskin Robins. Teenage Cadance was built for it. Shame she lost that cuteness as a lanky alicorn.


    Sweetie Belle voice cracks

    I dread the day when Claire Corlette grows out of the voice cracks. We heard Apple Bloom grow a deeper voice this season. I'll miss it if Sweetie Belle follows the same path. I bet she can emulate the cracks though... right? That's a thing in voice acting? Please say it is.

    Dash and Scootaloo flying

    Do you know how many fanfics, comics, and general submissions we got with these two being sisterly before their big episode in season three? It was almost daily. Well, here you go! You got your Scootalove finally! I hope you are happy!


    I actually completely forgot about this scene until someone brought it up earlier. Maybe that's a testament to it really not belonging here, but once everyone caught up on it in our Skype chat, the agreement to add it happened. Go listen to that video. Nom nom nom.

    Fluttershy in General

    I bet you were wondering why Fluttershy wasn't up there in any of those scenes. Either that or you just assumed she would be spotlit on her own. Well here you go. You could fill up 20 of these lists with all the times Fluttershy has dropped a diabetes bomb on the show, and the staff over at DHX know it. Just look at her Dangerous Mission outfit. It has freakin bunny ears, a hoodie, and goggles. Why even try beating her?

    From day one with her almost crippling level of kawaii~ meeting Twilight Sparkle for the first time, she has consistently dropped scene after scene filled with heart attack inducing cuteness. Just give it to her.

    Or just watch her head bob forever.

    DICTATOR MODE/Honorable Mention

    Dat's cute :3

    And that about covers it! Obviously there are a million more cute scenes. The show is about cute cartoon ponies after all! Feel free to drop your favorite below.

    And recommend more categories! Charge!