• BONUS 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Best Background Ponies

    Here at Equestria Daily towers, we have decided that celebrating 99 things isn’t enough, and so we will be celebrating an extra 9, making 108 instead. This does mean that the 100th episode will now be pushed back to 109, but we’re sure you won’t mind.

    Today, we take a look at 9 of the best background ponies. So many ponies. So many colors. Head on down below the break for this amazing post written by our very own Blueshift from the pre-reader squad.

    Derpy Hooves

    Obviously the best background pony of all time is Derpy. Oh how we laughed when she broke that thing in ‘The Last Roundup’ and was all confused and didn’t know what went wrong! Derpy won our hearts and minds in her one appearance, and ensured she would never be forgotten as long as the human race exists.

    Ditzy Doo

    Ditzy Doo is a popular resident of Ponyville, first seen in ‘The Show Stoppers’ She is a very mysterious character, only appearing in this one scene, but she became a fan legend, with many tumblers talking about her stunning showing in this episode.


    Muffins is that rare thing - a background pony who actually has a line! Her words in the episode ‘Applebuck Season’, “Muffins” are full of mystery, a mystery which has intrigued and baffled fans since. Why does she want muffins? What will she do with them? What IS a muffin? We don’t even know what this mysterious mare’s cutie mark is, though we can be rest assured it is presumably muffin-related.

    Bright Eyes

    We do’t know much about Bright Eyes, but what we do know is that she is Colgate’s best friend and that she hates poor fashion performances, if ‘Green Isn’t Your Color’’ is anything to go by! Bright Eyes instantly became a fan favourite, with many fan fictions about her adventures.


    Bubbles is the first background character who caught on with fandom, appearing in the episode ‘Friendship is Magic part 1’. From this episode we know she likes bubbles and scrunching up her nose. Did Bubbles invent the nose-scrunch? Maybe! If so, Equestria has a lot to thank her for! Sadly, Bubbles hasn’t appeared since, but we’re keeping our hooves crossed for a return! Come on Hasbro!

    Equestrian Mailmare

    Equestrian Mailmare appeared in the episode ‘Feeling Pinkie Keen’. For some reason it was her that fandom latched onto, and not any of her Royal Mail colleagues. Equestrian Mailmare has a fascinating rivalry with Twilight Sparkle: in this episode we saw her attack our hero with various heavy objects, crushing Twilight. Could she secretly be the ultimate villain in series 5? Probably!


    Baghead makes her one appearance in ‘Luna Eclipsed’ and is seen to be a pony who is absolutely obsessed with paper bags. Is she Carrot Top’s friend or enemy? Who knows? We do know that fandom fell in love with her, and drew many images where they imagined what her mane looks like, and invented cutie marks for her!

    Bubbly Mare

    Bubbly Mare is so named because of her bubbly personality. She appears in the episode ‘Equestria Games’ and continues her vendetta against the Cutie Mark Crusaders, destroying their carefully crafted paper circle. As Scootaloo is not present during this scene, it is possible that she doesn’t hate Scootaloo, which is made more likely by Scootaloo being best pone.

    Small Grey Pone

    Small Grey Pone is a mysterious filly that appears in a flashback in ‘Pinkie Pride’. She immediately captivated fandom - who was this pony, and who was she to Pinkie Pie? Why wasn’t she about in present-day Ponyville? What could have befallen her? What is her cutie mark? We may never know the answers to these questions, as Hasbro has not seen fit to have her return yet.

    That’s the nine best background ponies, Equestria Daily! Are there any we’ve missed? Is it possible that this perfect list is incomplete? Please share your favourite background grey background ponies with bubble cutie marks below in the comments!

    This list was expertly compiled by Blueshift. Please visit his webzone at www.marshmallowsupernova.com . Aquaman attempted to help but failed completely.