• Brenda Hickey MLP:FF #19 SPOC Sneak Peek #1

    Rarity, you do realize that it's a pain in the neck to take frosting OFF a cake?
    We really need a header for these posts. Hopefully once the EQD mascot is finished, we''ll be able to put together some nice shenanigans involving it and our EQD Staff OCs.

    Anyways, Brenda Hickey—IDW MLP Artist—has tossed up a Single Panel Out of Context (SPOC) Sneak Peek up on her instagram account for the world to see!

    What sort of revelations does this panel contain for the upcoming story starring Rarity and the Cakes?

    Well, the answer to that is not up here. For those curious enough, it's down below the break!

    A photo posted by Brenda Little (@crazeh_ary) on

    Wow. I guess Spike is still a love sick puppy.

    Come to think of it, that comment probably explains his Equestria Girls appearance.