• Alex S. Marks His Pony Songs as Private

    Alex S. was one of the biggest early fandom musicians out there. Some of his songs still play on repeat constantly if you walk through any kind of pony-oriented social gathering.

    A little over a day ago, all of his pony oriented songs on his Soundcloud and Youtube channel were marked as private. Quite a few of you have been sending this in, but we haven't seen an actual reason for it.

    Did he get signed on with a label that requires him to remove his potentially infringing content? It's possible. That, or many other reasons could be the cause. There haven't been any announcements on his social media pages to point at one. He could even just be tired of being associated with cartoon equines for all we know.

    We fired an email off, and will post a followup if an official response arrives. Until then, there are quite a few backups out there.