• Packaging and Stock Images of All the Friendship is Magic Apple Family Set Ponies Arrives!

    Well, that was quick. Yesterday we had the Friendship is Magic collection in parts on Taobao, but the images were somewhat blurry and didn't give the best representation of the full set. Today we have all of them in high quality, complete. This set looks to be covering just about everything you'd expect from the Apple family. Hopefully you guys have some dedicated shelf space for it!

    Head on down below the break to check out all the pieces in glorious high resolution.

    Apple Flora and Candy Caramel Tooth

    Apple Fritter

    Applejack Sweet Apple Juice Stand

    Apple Munchies

    Apple Strudel

    Applejack Bed Set

    Apple Bloom and Sweetie Babs (wut?)

    Big Mac



    Peachy Sweet

    Sweet Apple Acres Barn Set

    Thanks to Micheal and Amanda for sending them!