• Discussion: Do You Actually Want the CMC To Get Their Cutie Marks?

    I remember when these three first appeared in an episode. Friendship is Magic was brand new, and we had just gotten through a series of introductions based on each of the mane 6. It was essentially build up time, and Twilight's crew was the focus. When Apple Bloom commandeered an episode from our precious mane 6, people were a bit confused! Were these guys going to steal air time from our favorites? With just 26 episodes a season, every glorious element of harmony team bit counted!

    Fast forward to now, and I think most of us have at least one of these three in our top pony lists. Every season rumors flood of their inevitable cutie mark acquisition. We were actually convinced pretty early on, along with many Hasbro licensees who bug us every once in a while, that season 5 was going to be the place where they get them.

    Obviously their main draw is the hunt for finding out who they are, and usually the episodes are based on that. We have seen them prove that they are more than just "cutie marks cutie marks cutie marks" though. Their characters have been built up enough for other topics.

    So the question is, do you want them to finally get their butts tattooed? How do you think their episodes would be handled post-mark?

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