• 4DE Announces Pre-orders for Rainbow Dash! Wave 1 Of the 2015 Set Shipping June 20th!

    Here's one I wasn't expecting so soon. Rainbow Dash's mane and tail have been a challenge for a lot of people out there over the years. Having that many colors in one piece is hard to say the least. We finally have a good way to acquire a Dashie though from 4DE! Pre-orders have arrived. If you want in on that, head on over here.

    As always with 4DE, get the orders in quick. These aren't exactly common early on.

    And if you are wondering when you will actually be able to snag some of their 2015 plushies, we now have a specific date for shipments starting! June 20th will begin with wave one. More information on who all is included in that will be released in the next few days, though Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are definitely going to be there.