• Poll Results: Who is the best of the four new friendly ponies from the season opener?

    I'm pretty torn between Sugar Belle and Night Glider going in to the next weekend. Those two did something to me. Nothing like Starlight Glimer though. She's the new Trixie if Trixie doesn't get an episode this weekend!

    It's poll time. Do you guys still want us to run a poll on the name of the town? It seemed like "Our Town" was pretty much the unanimous winner in the post with something around 700+ votes for it compared to Stalliongrad at a second with around 400. I think we all know who is going to win.

    So next poll, episode based:

    Who had the best decoration for Twilight Sparkle's castle? Go hit it up on the side bar! 

    We might cut it a bit short and run the town poll anyway.

    And get the results of this one below the break!