• M.A. Larson Gives us Free Reign to Name the Equal Village! Top 10 To a Poll!

    We never actually got an official name for Starlight Glimmer's glorious little cult city. Many have defaulted to calling it Equaltown, but lets have a bit more fun with it shall we?

    As king of the fandom, it is by M.A. Larson's royal decree that we give this village a name. Some non-Equaltown versions so far include:


    And many others.  It's time for you to decide though fandom! The top 10 most upvoted comments with a name in them will be added to a poll for the side bar. Of course, you can call it whatever you want, but it might be fun to make things equal.

    Now go! Hit the comments up! Vote on your favorite suggestions and drop your own!