• Music of the Day #474

    How many times have you listened to this song since the premiere? Because I'm pretty sure I've had it on repeat longer than anyone. I've started seeing Starlight Glimmer singing when I close my eyes... It's awesome. Just look at that pony up there. She's the best.

    Get your music of the day below!

    [1] Source
    PhonicB∞m - Spite

    [2] Source
    raspyRabbit - Picnic of Panic (Bunnies are Back)

    [3] Source
    Welcome to the Show (GhostXb Remix)

    [4] Source
    In Our Town Cover

    [5] Source
    Electric Spectrum | Big Groove House - CHS

    [6] Source
    In Our Town 8-bit

    [7] Source
    Nightmare [Remastered][Symphonic]

    [8] Source
    I Need A Name

    [9] Source
    Haardtek - No Joke
    Drums and Bass

    [10] Source
    Think You're Great and Powerful?