• The Mane Six as Troublemakers in Absolute Discord!

    There's some awesome stuff coming in Absolute Discord, believe you me. There's Chaotic cards that change faceoffs in a way never seen before, the first appearance of many bad guys as Friends, there's the introduction of colorless characters... and here we have the Discorded Mane Six showing up as Troublemakers!

    Fluttershy brutishly stamps on all the Resources in play, starting with your opponent's. Applejack looks like she's a Troublemaker when you play her face down... until you reveal her for the liar she is. Rarity's hoarding tendencies help you to snag some extra cards until your opponent defeats her, but even when they do they'll get 0 points for it. And then there's poor Twilight Sparkle, who lost the magic of friendship and was drained of all the color in her life. Suddenly depriving your opponent of the colors on their characters is a big shock.

    Prerelease and theme decks are coming on April 24th, so you'll be seeing plenty more from Absolute Discord in the coming weeks. Follow @MLP_CCG for each day's spoilers as we lead up to the big weekend, and tune in here next week when we'll tackle the big one: Chaotic cards!