• Absolute Discord Theme Deck Preview, with new card reveals!

    Here's an Unlikely Duo if ever there's been one... hence the name of their theme deck in Absolute Discord! You can find never-before-seen cards inside of MLP: CCG theme decks, and in this case there's a whopper with our very first Nightmare Moon Mane Character card! Fluttershy's not slacking off though, featuring one of her best Manes ever.

    Head on down below the break for more details about each deck, including some brand new card reveals!

    And now we'll take a closer look at the Unlikely Duo Theme Deck! Let's start with the Mane Characters.

    Nightmare Moon, Mistress of the Night has a nice, aggressive boost condition: just confront a Problem, something Blue loves to do. Her Boosted side rewards that same behavior with a bit of control, letting you frighten an opponent's Friend each time you confront. Plus, each frighten will make your Changeling Drones (seen below) that much stronger!

    In a similar vein, Fluttershy, Reformer boosts on the same condition of simply confronting a Problem, and her other side is even more aggressive. Worried about villains frightening all your Friends at a Problem? Or maybe you're trying to challenge one and their abilities are making things rough? Fret no longer! Taking down someone like Queen Chrysalis isn't all that rough when Fluttershy's staring them down.

    Overall, the Unlikely Duo Theme Deck deck looks to start faceoffs early and often–and one of the best tools to keep the pressure on is efficient movement. Rainbow Dash, To the Rescue makes a reappearance, backed by some more new cards to make sure you’re always able to push Friends back out to new Problems. For example there's Band of Breezies, Dust in the Wind, which gets around all this "movement" stuff entirely–if they would be sent home from a Problem they can drift on over to the other Problem instead!

    It takes more than fast-moving Friends to win a game, though, and this deck achieves its extra edge by frightening opposing Friends. Cards like Spooky Scary Story, Princess Celestia, Fair but Firm, and your Nightmare Moon Mane Character help keep your opponent’s power to a minimum and disable powerful abilities. All the while your Changeling Drones are getting more and more powerful for each Friend you’re able to frighten!

    Between fast movement and some terrifying frighten effects, Unlikely Duo dictates the tempo of a game and strikes hard and fast, going for the win at just the right moment. And considering the other theme deck features Discord and Princess Luna, there's bound to be some stiff competition. More on that next week, so stay tuned!