• Absolute Discord Prerelease Map Released!

    Enterplay has released the Absolute Discord Prerelease Event map for North America!

    That map will show you where to go on April 24-26 to get your first shot at playing Absolute Discord. Plus that's the same weekend the new theme decks come out, so you can snag a copy of each of those as well. Edit: There are some locations still being added to the map as details come in, so keep checking as we get closer to next weekend.

    From the Facebook post, attending a prerelease gets you:

    • 6 Booster Packs of Absolute Discord
    • Collectible Special Score and Turn cards, with new optional Utter Chaos Rules
    • Special promo foil of "Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Crash"
    • Collectible Absolute Discord set Button
    • Absolute Discord Quiz Postcard
    • A balloon featuring Discord, as seen in Return of Harmony!
    • The chance to win more prizes at the event