• Absolute Discord Theme Deck #2, more never before seen cards!

    It's time to look at another unlikely duo! No, not the theme deck we looked at least week, this is a different duo. What do you get when you put Discord and Princess Luna together in one theme deck? Double the Fun! The deck doesn't just come with the very first Discord Mane Character card, it also features a new Princess Luna Mane, her first in Orange.

    Release day for both theme decks and the first Absolute Discord Prerelease Events are coming up quick, starting this Friday the 24th, so if you haven't checked out the North American and Western Europe event maps you should take a peek. Then head on down below the break for a boatload of exclusive new card spoilers you can find inside the Double the Fun Theme Deck!

    Let's start with the draconequus of the hour himself. In typical Discordly wackiness, this is the only Mane Character that is actually stronger on his Start side than when he's Boosted! Not only does he immediately have 3 power from the beginning of the game, he's always one step ahead of everyone else by scouting the Problem decks. Card plays cause Discord to turn back and forth between his two sides, so you and your opponent will be keeping each other on your toes with Discord around.

    And here is Discord's reluctant partner in this deck, Princess Luna. As you can see she has no game text on her Boosted side, just the typical 3 power and home limit of 4. In this case, Luna's power comes in a front-loaded ability on her Start side that lets you see your opponent's hand and then force them into a tough choice of keeping half their cards and banishing the others. Pay attention to which pile they pick and you might get some strategic insight into how their deck plays!

    Double the Fun features many Friends who can increase their own power to create pretty large threats. Returning cards like Twist are joined by new cards like Snips and Snails, Stage Magicians and Granny Smith, Respect Your Elders, all Friends who can easily give you a great deal of power for their cost. Granny Smith in particular is one of several cards in Absolute Discord which get more powerful when you need it most, by performing their best when an opponent’s Mane Character is already boosted.

    Orange gets a few new tricks with Absolute Discord, including Hazmat Suit’s ability to keep your Friends where they matter most. Returning Premiere Edition favorite Applejack, Farm Foremare even helps you to dig for this cool new piece of Orange’s kit!

    Shockingly, Granny Smith in a Hazmat Suit isn't enough to win a game all by herself. That's why Double the Fun also features some powerful new removal options, like Tom, Rolling Rock and Cutie Pox Outbreak, there help to keep opposing Friends under control so you can make the most of your own powerful Friends!

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