• What Would Ponies Look Like if Animated in Japan? Japan Ponycon Releases an Animated Promo, and It's Awesome

    I for one welcome our new anime pony overlords. Seriously I'd watch the hell out of it. Make it happen Japanese pony community.

    Head on down below the break for anime ponies, along with some info about Japan Ponycon 2015.

    (Press release:)

    Poniko (Japan Ponycon's mascot), Roku-chan (her random friend), and
    Dragon-chan (their pet dragon) have created a video to introduce and
    provide details to everyone for Japan PonyCon Spring 2015!
    There are Japanese and English subtitles embedded too, so please watch
    our video!
    Animation by @namagakiokami, music by Mando Pony.

    Japan PonyCon Spring 2015 returns on May 4th at Hokutopia Bulding in
    Kita-ku, Tokyo. The whole day will be jam packed with panels, cosplay,
    artists and guests!
    Headlining our convention, the ubiquitous VA Cathy Weseluck (Spike the
    dragon, Mayor Mare, and MANY OTHERS) will be joining us by Skype for
    an interview and Q&A session.
    There will be many panels on a wide range of topics, an artist alley,
    and an auction featuring a season 4 original script signed by the
    writer Josh Haber!
    The event will close with a fantastic dance party, with special
    international guests, The Living Tombstone and Eurobeat Brony in
    Come and join us live, or watch the con livestreamed on Canterlot Hill.
    If you cannot attend in person, you can get a conbook, con badge and
    exclusive JPC goods sent anywhere in the world with Spirit
    If we can't see you there in person, we hope to see you there in spirit!
    Japan PonyCon Spring 2015, May 4th, 2015 in Hokutopia, Kita-ku, Tokyo.