• 8 Days of Pony - SKITTLES

    8 MORE DAYS. It's almost over! So close!

    I've given Skittles here a whole bunch of crap over the years, but it's only because I love her. Or maybe I'm just jealous. Check out how well she rocks that mane and tail. If I was a pony, I'd want to be Skittles.

    There was a point in time where she fell from the best pony charts back during season two. A string of episodes showing her darker sides didn't help her image much.  She came back with a vengeance in season four though. I can't wait for her season 5 episodes. She has some of my favorites now days.

    Anyway, go celebrate Skittles in the comments below. Have you become more active in her name? I have. A pony of motivation right there.