• "Weird Al" Autographs in new MLP Trading Cards! Plus full Checklist revealed

    The full checklist of all the cards in My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards has been revealed! That means all 10 of the Autograph Cards are now known, and they include none other than "Weird Al" Yankovic himself, not to mention John de Lancie as Discord, the entire Mane Six, first appearances from Ingrid Nilson as Maud and Kathleen Barr as Queen Chrysalis and The Greatly Overpowered Trixie, and more!

    To celebrate the announcement of the Season 5 premiere date, and the release of Series 3 of the trading cards in stores Friday, Enterplay will be hosting a bunch of contests on Facebook with Lenticulars as prizes and one of these Autograph Cards as a grand prize!

    Check out the full checklist and news from Enterplay below the break!


    What a great day to be a fan of My Little Pony! We're celebrating the announcement of the Friendship is Magic Season 5 premiere on April 4th by revealing the full checklist for MLP Series 3 Trading Cards, in stores Friday!
    With 91 Episode Cards you'll find all your favorite episodes, some of them with beautiful foil versions. Every new major character from Season 4 has a Character Card along with the Mane Six and more, some of them also coming in foils to collect. Song Cards make their triumphant debut with 9 toe-tapping tunes, and each have a Sweepstakes code on the back.
    Jaw-dropping motion Lenticular Cards are also a new feature of Series 3, found as box toppers and one in every 24 Fun Packs. Autograph Cards signed by the stellar talent from MLP:FIM can also be found in packs, plus won through Song Card Sweepstakes codes. Standees and Stickers make their return, too, with 36 in total to collect and display.
    And of course Special Foils are back, with 9 brand new cards to collect! The first three are already in the wild: Pinkie in the Pinkie/Maud tin, Cheese Sandwich available at Ponycon NYC and more future cons, and Discord in the Discord tin. Details on how to find the other 6 still to come.
    With over 200 items, this is the biggest collection of My Little Pony trading cards ever released! What are some of YOUR favorites that are brand new in Series 3, and what are some of your favorites that you're happy to see make a comeback in this new set?