• Custom Rainbow Dash Transformer Being Sold for Charity

    Now that is one badass looking Transformer and it can be yours if you decide to participate in a brand new auction being run by the Brony Thank You Fund! Only five of the Rainbow Dash decal sets were ever produced and the fund has gotten hold of four of them for charity.

    Check on after the break for more pics of the Transformer as well as more information on the charity the money will be donated to.

    It's a fighter plane. It's a fighting robot. It's a pegasus! Now when Sombra, Nightmare Moon and Megatron team up to defeat Equestria, you'll have a jet with 20% more emergency power available to save the day!

    The mad geniuses at ReproLabels.com have generously donated a 2015 Transformers Generations Leader Class Jetfire Figure figure with custom Rainbow Dash livery. The decals are holographic and cover most of the exposed surfaces of the toy. Unfortunately, due to a screw-up by the shipping company, they were left out in the snow for an extended period of time, so the packaging is destroyed, but the toys themselves are in fine shape.

    Only 5 sets of the decals were produced, and 4 were donated to the Brony Thank You Fund to raise money and help fight cancer (the other went to a child who themselves has cancer). All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, one of the leaders in cancer research and care. 

    If you miss out on the auction, one will also be raffled off at BABScon!

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